1. Love and the Fisherman of Patzcuaro

by Andrea Mauk

I had never been swaddled in the sweet comfort

of love,

spent most of my life hoping un dia my name

would wind up scrawled on its list in lavender

or rose red, that it had been enscribed

in the ancient palabras adentro de Tzintzuntzan,

but more often

my heart wound up the toppled coconut,

blown from the tree,

jagged cracked shell

bleeding the milk of hope

onto the thirsty ground.

And then I met you.

I dreamed that love was softer than down,

buoyant upon Patzcuaro

waiting to be caught in the net

of the storied fisherman,

sweeter than nana’s pan dulce

formed in her warm and crinkly hands,

and able to make each minute stretch gracefully into the

perfection of memory,

that even with subtitulos,

there were no words that could quite describe

the language it speaks.

And then I saw your lips quiver when you looked at me.

I somehow understood that even when it

seemed that life had turned its back,

left me standing solita in

the whipping wind,

that the susurros I heard in its errant voz

were the antepasados who still threw

stardust and petals

onto the path I was meant to follow.

So I learned to listen,

to never lose hope,

to believe through my tears…

And then I looked into your eyes

and I knew.


2. blossom

By Tara Evonne Trudell

I wear your scent

like a flower

releasing feelings

into air

I am the blossom

revealing petals

in your shine

unfolding love

filling breath

inhaling essences

of you

I continue to bloom.

tara evonne trudell c/s enero 29, 2012



3. “House of empty rooms” a lyric

by James Downs

Sometimes you just find yourself

Sitting in the front porch swing   swinging

The sun is setting   the sky is darkening

It is the end of the day   completing

In a house of empty rooms

There are mirrors of far walls   ceiling

And your face is in every one

And something inside you calls   revealing

Something inside you calls

Around from room to room

There are things seem ripe for forgetting

And if you live a thousand years

You’ll never find it all    remembering

In a house of empty rooms

There are mirrors of far walls   ceiling

And your face is in every one

And something inside you calls   revealing

Something inside you calls

Something inside you calls   something inside you calls

Something inside you calls   something inside you calls

Did you think it’d be this way    planning

On going quickly in     a get-away  slipping

Before you walk out that door

Turn around   take one look more   dreaming

You will never go this way again

It’ll have to hold in your heart    singing

In a house of empty rooms

There are mirrors of far walls   ceiling

And your face is in every one

And something inside you calls   revealing

Something inside you calls

Something inside you calls

Something inside you calls

Something inside you calls

Something inside you calls

For more

James Downs



4. blue corn and roses

by Tara Evonne Trudell
tasting scents
warming air
moistening lips
candles burning
flame flickering
copal smoke
dancing slow
leonard cohen
on the stereo
fire crackling
creating roar
coming alive
in old wood stove

wind riding
night sky
taming breeze
crescent moon
tilting smile
venus vying
me in your arms
rose petals
on water

me your ally
like blue corn
and roses.

tara evonne trudell c/s enero 25, 2012



by Betty Sanchez

Cada mañana

Antes de ver la luz del nuevo día

Me divierto jugando a imaginarte,

Si te imagino…

No puedo evitar el extrañarte.

Si te extraño…

Mis pensamientos vuelan a buscarte,

Si te busco…

No descanso mi bien hasta encontrarte,

Si te encuentro…

Me acerco lentamente para verte,

Si te veo…

Me invade un deseo intenso

Por besarte,

Si te beso…

No me queda mas remedio que amarte,

Si te amo…

Oh! si te amo,

Todo lo demás carece de importancia,

Mas presa de tan fuerte sentimiento

Me asalta un temor insano de perderte,

Si te pierdo…

No quiero ni pensar en lo que haría,

Por eso desecho de mi mente esa idea

Y espero impaciente

A que llegue la noche

Para poder soñarte,

Si te sueño…

Al comienzo de un nuevo amanecer

Me divierto jugando a imaginarte,

Si te imagino…


By  Betty Sánchez

Every morning

Before the light of a new day

I enjoy playing the game of imaging you.

If I imagine you…

I can’t stop myself from missing you.

If I miss you…

My thoughts fly away to look for you.

If I look for you…

I can’t rest, my love until I find you.

If I find you…

I slowly move closer in order to see you.

If I see you…

I am overcome by an intense desire

To kiss you.

If I kiss you…

I can’t help loving you.

If I love you…

Oh! If I love you…

Nothing else seems to matter,

But in the grip of such strong feelings,

I am struck by an insane fear of losing you.

If I lose you…

I don’t want to think about what I’ll do.

That’s why I rid of my mind of such idea

And I wait impatiently

For night to come

So that I can dream about you.

If I dream about you…

At the first light of the new dawn

I enjoy playing the game of imaging you.

If I imagine you…

by Betty Sánchez

Translation by Jim Michaels



 A Valentine for my Rosa America

by John Martinez

If I thought

My heart was nothing

But a woven

Basket of arteries,



I’d let it sleep

By itself in the rain,

I’d stand before

An animal

And watch its nose

Flare, The smell

Of my heart

Is only a meal,

If I thought

My heart was nothing

If I thought

My heart was nothing

But a measure

Of my organs,

How they will

Weigh them,

Each one

Placed apart,

Like a Butcher


His product,

Like a Doctor

Calculates time

By touch,

I’d render myself


Walk a field

Like a corpse

Wound up to move

A distance

I’d love no one

But blood travels

The distance,

So that I could

Touch you,

Elevates my skin

So that your



Dreams with mine,

Sends God

To my head,

Where we ponder

Our own existence,

Until I see


No, my heart is

Something, a whirlwind

Of ghosts, perhaps,

A tangling

Of galaxies,

A message to all,

But most of all,

My heart belongs

To you



by Sylvia Maltzman

In spite of all the rough edges,

the fragments of our lives,

those pieces of each other’s puzzle

fit together without much nudging


The keys to each other’s


slide into

the spaces we take for locks,

but these click open

for one another

tumbling into place

without struggle, without lock-ease

Why do we stray?

Why do we each cry out

for exotic glue

when or members link so snugly together?

Why do we ache

for strange polarities

when the magnetism of our mettle

finds its north and south

in us?


Has the compass needle ever truly wandered?

When you hold the little disk flat and true,

hasn’t north and south

always been

me and you?

. ======================

8. Extracto de esencia / The Extraction of Essence”

by Claudia D. Hernández

Extracto de esencia 



De tu cuerpo


El alma



Tu corazón

A manotazos;


Besar y


Tus pensamientos—

Para así


En tu tristeza.

Solo así sabré

Que para siempre

Serás mío:

Mío, solo mío.

Dulce animal

Que me carcome

Mis entrañas,


*          *          *          *          *          *

The extraction of essence

I want to


You from

Your body,


Your entire


Eat your

Heart out

by handfuls;

Kiss and


Your thoughts—

So that I may

Drown in your


Only in

This manner

Will I know

That you

Will always

Be mine:

Only mine.

Sweet animal

Who eats

Away at

My insides,


English translation by:

José Hernández Díaz


9. Family Tree

by Raul Sanchez

Long, long ago my father and I
planted a maple tree
in the backyard
of the old blue house.One misty Monday morning
he held my hand and walked
the lengthy backyard
to find the spot, the perfect spot
for the tree to grow,
to unravel his branches.The years passed as I grew up along
with the young seedling.
At age eight the tree had one strong branch
where dad hung the swing
the same swing in which
I used to look up to the sky
chasing clouds, chasing the wind
with every pump of my feet.The tree got bigger than expected
the trunk thicker and my father
grew older and weaker.
Many branches sprouted
and more children including mine
have swung from the faithful
maple tree. My father is gone.
The tree remains as the witness
of his tender love sheltered under his
shade we sing and dance, remembering
past seasons and plant new seedlings
from our family tree.


10. feeling like Neruda

by Tara Evonne Trudell 


and the poet


each other

our way


with words

trading poetry


off the heart

me feeling

like Neruda

offering his soul

to Matilde

spoken thoughts

tokens of love

I stood

so still

just to feel

his words

have their way

with me.

tara evonne trudell c/s enero 7, 2012


11. Growing My Love

by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist ©2011

I feel my heart opening today

Showing my love to others

Feeling closer by expressing

Deep, sincere affection

Telling each how much I care

Strengthening our connection

Making our relationship

Much more precious

A shimmering golden light

Emanates from my heart

Growing with each breath

Encompassing all of me

Opening my heart

Allowing me to give, receive

Boundless love, bathing me

In stronger, loving relationships

I am receptive to the warmth

That surrounds me

Open to the energy

That helps me give of myself

I give and receive love equally

Making my love for others true

Letting unconditional love grow

From the center of my heart today



 by Tara Evonne Trudell

me and my girls

we give easy

trading feelings

strong loving

not afraid

to surface

in a society

made up

Valentine rules

of shoulds


and never do’s

me and my girls

we trade stories

wipe tears

curse the bastards

caress the lovers

and share


me and my girls

don’t judge

we don’t mislead

and we don’t pretend

that loving

doesn’t matter

to us

all feeling

our sighs


and true



every storm


a new rainbow

to follow

me and my girls

we fall down

in battle

letting life

take the worse

us holding on

to what’s left

making the best

of love

we rise

in connectedness

our woman spirit

soul sister sharing

our scars




keeping us


me and my girls

not afraid

to throw out

heart signs

teaching our babies

that loving

is right

never wrong

when growing

from within.

tara evonne trudell  c/s  enero 8, 2012

for the sisters c/s



by Abel Salas

Love lingers in the snow

on a knuckle burn scrape

that leaves the barest shred

of skin on the glistening ice.

It walks through empanada

dreams and carved pumpkin

laughter. Grows in furtive

Christmas fondles and

covert kisses under cover

of mountain darkness

before daybreak. Love

sinks new roots into the

earth like tomorrow bulbs

in a cascade of middle-aged

desire and imagine that

again like post-pubescent

longing that recoils and

runs because to love is

to fear and finally there

is no escaping the crushed

velvet hold love has on

your heart, on your tongue

with words that won’t

say enough or looks that

say too much while love

radiates and blesses the

moon with light from other

unstoppable suns or the

leonine shudder in those

long locks where you lose

yourself in the becoming

in the light that spirals

inward and explodes in

a Folsom Street smile like

the one love noticed at a

Mariachi Plaza celebration

when Santa Cecilia watched

with abandon and a wanton

streak of joy like a herald of

new dawn and love that

comes from the clouds or

races through New Hampshire

memories of prep school privilege

or red brick buildings with iron

accents and adolescent angst

that could not have foretold

a quiet unmistakable love

that lingers in the snow



by Sylvia Maltzman

is there no native land

to claim our births

no port whose fruit

whose wine we long to quaff

is there no clock whose hands embrace our lifespan

now that you have covered me

with the kisses of your mouth

and your breathing stirs my blood

enriching every cell

with a clean draught sweet and moving

two mariners who’ve long navigated

the narrow strait

we lie entwined

two slumbering in a hammock

or fish entangled in a net

wishing for but not expecting home to appear

on this or that horizon

a shimmering vision of gold streets

as such there is only one tree

shedding fruit for us both

we savor it

in the wind filling our sails

propelling us in anticipation of the juice

which will run down our lips

every exile knows

the taste of

his native land



by Betty Sánchez

Desde que lo conozco

deshojo margaritas…

Me quiere, no me quiere,

me quiere, no me quiere,

me quiere, si, me ama,

me lo repite a diario infinidad de veces,

con besos inventados

y con otros mil veces practicados,

con ardientes caricias,

y miradas colmadas de ternura.

Me ama sin reservas,

me acepta tal cual soy,

sin dudas, recelos, ni temores;

no inquiere en mi pasado

y debido a ese hecho

lo mismo que fugaces golondrinas

mis recuerdos de ayer se han esfumado.

Mis labios hoy solo reconocen

el sabor de su boca,

en mi piel solo se hallan

las huellas de sus manos,

mis ojos solo brillan

al reflejar su imagen,

mis sentidos solo responden

al timbre de su voz y de su risa.

Temporalmente la muerte me ha ignorado,

me ha otorgado permiso

para que saboreé el placer exquisito

que este amor me provoca;

un amor pleno en el cual

se satisfacen todos mis anhelos,

un amor que se transforma en remanso de paz

en mis días negros,

un amor que me busca y me encuentra

cuando ando extraviada

en las noches oscuras de la angustia,

un amor que me hace reír

mientras estoy llorando,

un amor que me invita a vivir

cuando me estoy muriendo.

22 de Enero del 2012


16. Smoke Shadows

by Raul Sanchez

Behind the street light glimmer

I have been talking to the shadows

behind the swirls my cigarette smoke leaves

on high pale walls when I inhale nicotine fresh

rushing into my blood stream my brain

triggers-awakens the memory of you,

your perfume, your silken clothes,

your red lips, your seamed stockings, your—

beautiful shoes your hats, purses, earrings,

handkerchiefs, gloves.

Every night I sit on this bed remembering you,

waiting for you, wanting you, desiring you

but you are no longer here.

Your perfumed clothes hang in the closet

wide, filled to the top, nothing touched,

nothing moved, not a thing touched,

not a thing moved but seen by the eyes

that saw you, smelled by the nose

that smelled you, touched by the hands

that loved you.

Your hand-written notes,

cursive words not seen these days.

Sonnets of love written at the beginning

and end of each season.

Since you’ve been gone

it has been an eternal winter—

without you, all I can wish for is

a comfortable quiet death

so that I can join you in the meadow

of my dreams and in the shadows of my smoke.


17. The Shelter of Your Chest

By Raul Sanchez

Guard my backside from the thin knives
of their dreary eyes
guard me between azaleas and marigolds
guard me between wood and musk
in your misty meadow
guard me, between the roots of cedar and maple
in your snow covered mountains
guard me burrowed in the wet sand
ocean waves brush
guard me between twilight and the early light
between mist and rain, thunder and storm
in the rainbow, guard me between azure and purple
guard me between the sheets of your bed
tucked in like balled socks
guard me from disdain
guard me::
guard me inside, outside,
over, under and beside you.

Let us guard each other from the fallible
keep the torchlight on, raise your red rose
I am your warrior.


18. The Wind with You

by Tara Evonne Trudell

I want to brace myself

in the wind with you

hair flying

hearts pounding

as we stand

together taking

the full force

of natural gusts

I want to walk with you

through desert sands

looking for signs

of life and love

heart shaped rocks

leading our way

marking the areas

of discovery

souls claiming

wide open spaces

I want to feel

your pulse

beat against

my soaring heart

in the shine

of moonlight

me finding

your brown skin

warm in the dark

I want to trace myself

into you.

tara evonne trudell c/s diciembre 28,2011



by Sylvia Maltzman


to feel the fingers of the wind in my hair

without being blown awry


to ride a wild horse

grasping its dark mane bareback

and not be thrown


to dance in fire naked

believing in the heat

and not be singed


to plunge headfirst into the surging surf

of salt meringue

and not drown


and then


to sustain the height these fragile wings

have gained

and land without being crushed

by the velocity of my own flight



(For Lucía)

by Joe Navarro

When I hold you now

(Which I have for 36 years),

And look into your eyes, and

When I taste the scent of your kiss,

I feel the sensation as when I first

Caught sight of that young fine

Chicana, that beautiful jarocha

Who (unknowingly) took my

Heart and my breath.

You, that young scholar, who

Challenged the injustices of the

World. A super-Chicana. You, the

Femenista, a threat to testosterone

Measured ideas. You caught my

Imagination along with my heart.

You, my novia, my esposa,

And my vieja…and I mean that

With cariño, you know…my lifelong

Best friend and partner. You know,

We agreed to grow old together. You

Know I’m talking about you, Lucía.

My best friend, to hold and love,

And my partner…y a veces

My sparring partner, as we’ve wrestled

Over roles and attitudes in this lifelong

Friendship. Love, cariño, compromise,

Empathy, caring, compromise, devotion,

Compassion, compromise, patience, passion

and more compromise…those are the

ingredients to a lifelong love life. And

That’s why we are celebrating

St. Valentine’s Day for the thirty-sixth

Time together. Te quiero mucho.


21. “Violet Dreams / Sueños Violetas”

by José Hernández Díaz

Every morning,

When I wake-up

Pressed against

Your warm chest—

Intertwined with

Your leaf-like limbs—

I kiss your

Freckled cheeks,


So that you may

Remain in violet dreams;

I consider it a blessing.

Every afternoon,

When you call

Me during your

Lunch hour

To recite you

A poem,

I climb each

Wave-like syllable

Landing upon

The shores of

Your lilac heart;

I consider it a blessing.

Every night,

When we share

A cigarette

On the porch

With the moon,

You hide your

Pale palms

Inside the depths

Of my pockets;

I consider it a blessing.

*           *           *           *           *          *

Sueños Violetas  

Todas las mañanas,

cuando me despierto

presionado contra

tu pecho tibio—

entrelazado con tus

alas de hojas—

te beso las

mejillas pecosas,


para que permanezcas

en sueños violetas;

Lo considero una bendición.

Todas las tardes,

cuando me llamas

durante tu hora

de almuerzo

para que te recite

un poema,

subo cada sílaba

como ola y desciendo

en la marea

de tu corazón

de lilas;

Lo considero una bendición.

Todas las noches,

cuando compartimos

un cigarrillo

en el porche

bajo la luna,

escondes tus

pálidas palmas

dentro de lo profundo

de mis bolsillos;

Lo considero una bendición.

Spanish translation by: 

Claudia D. Hernández 


22. Why I Love You

(for Lucía)

by Joe Navarro

You are the voice

That soothes my heart

You are the breath

That fills my lungs

You are the smile

That calms my fears

Your presence captivates

My soul

Your thoughts transcend

My own

You are part of me

Outside and in

You give me the strength

To go ahead

Advancing through

The coldness of an era

You and I

Are invincible

In a society

That searches for

Our vulnerability

You are a mountain

Of pride

A sky of conviction

You are nobility

In a humble sense

You are the woman

Of my dreams

Of you I dream

Every day


23. “A L W A Y S . . .”

by Victoria Hovda

February 14th. is today!

What does that mean?? I heard someone say.

A day to celebrate Love, Love to Celebrate!

Love between Lovers, and Friends…

And as I Celebrate my new Friends!

Thankfully rejoicing in the present,

I am also sadly, thinking, reminiscing,

about the friends I used to have…

February 14th. is today,

and I wanted you to know

that I am thinking about YOU,

and about all the good times we shared.

In a lifetime friendships come, and friendships go,

but in my Heart, yours, holds a special place.

Oh, I’m not really sad, I just kind of wish

things between us were still the same…

How do friends grow apart anyway?

Is it a change of heart? …too busy?

True and lasting relationships require effort,

perhaps even laziness gets in the way…

Could it be a disagreement? a different point of view?

A misunderstanding, too hard to say I’m sorry?

too rigid to forget…  not so easy to say,

let’s give this friendship thing, another chance…

Some friends die too soon! Some move far away.

Distances grow,  interests change, feelings subside,

and all that is left, is the lingering memory

of a Beautiful Friendship, once upon a time…

February 14th. is today, another day going by…

A reminder of another broken promise,

to call, to get together, to revive a dying friendship,

to try and stay connected! no matter if, or what…

But even if I never speak to you again,

I wanted you to know, that  on such Special Day,

I am thinking about you, that I miss you!

That I will always treasure you as my very Dear Friend!

That when I wish to see you, all I have to do

is close my eyes and I can see your smile once again.

That I will never forget you and your kindness.

That I truly  Love You! and that I always will!!

That’s a promise! and ‘ALWAYS’ is my middle name…

Friendship Love is a Gift… IT IS A Sacred Thing!

The gift you gave to me, will stay with me! until the end…

The Gift of True Love goes beyond the mind, beyond the flesh,

and beyond all the  idiosyncrasies of the Human Race.

Our bodies will most certainly die some day,

but The Poetry of Our Spirits Will Live Forever!!

and perhaps,  just perhaps… We, will meet again.

VICTORIA Pérez- Hovda

AKA: Vicky

February 14, 2006



by Victoria Hovda

Two Hearts, any place, any time

Oblivious,  to the past, to the future

and to the world  around…

Two Hearts, into each other

Yearning, seeking, loving,

Beating only for this moment, as One

Two Hearts, at the beat of one drum

Wrapped up in a whisper, a plea

I love you so, please be mine!

Two Hearts, like a melody

A thousand kisses deep

Longing to be sung!

Two Hearts, Two Hearts

Any place, any time!

Two Hearts, Yours, and Mine…

Victoria  Hovda 2005

Dos Corazones,

en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar,

Insensibles al pasado ó al futuro,

Inconscientes a todo el mundo.

Dos Corazones, Deseándose!

Buscándose! Amándose! el uno al otro…

Latiéndo, por éste instante! como UNO solo…

Dos Corazones, al paso del mismo compás,

Entregados en una plegaria, en un suspiro

Te Amo tanto! Te ruego, Sé Mío…

Dos Corazones… Como una Melodía,

Intensidad de Mil Besos atrapada,

Anhelando con ansia ser cantada!

y así ser liberada…

Dos Corazones… Dos Corazones!

cualquier parte, cualquier lugar…

Dos Corazones… El Tuyo, y el Mío…

 Victoria  Hovda 2011


25. love in a cynical world

by Victor Avila

in august twilight

the dark laments

for sorrow’s tears

are now spent.

they appear but leave

to the heart’s delight,

felicitous aurora-

proximity’s might.


26. Blessed

by Andrea Hernandez Holm © 2012


My small hand fits right inside my dad’s hand.

I listen as he tells me, pointing to the sky

About the rabbit in the moon.

The rabbit in the moon

Watches over us always. All the time,

For a long, long time. He tells me.

And I remember this much later.

When we dance below the moon

On our wedding night.

On your wedding night

The ancestors will come out

In droves. He tells me.

The ancestors will dance

All together in the night sky.

In celebration of your love.

And I remember this

Every time the moon waxes.

Every time you hold me close.

Every time, all the time, always

Ours is a love to celebrate.



 by Francisco X. Alarcón


may love may love may love
surprise us came to us move us
unexpectedly as sweet air to love others
speedily like smelling as we love
a shooting star our beloved’s ourselves and
in the night sky silky hair those who love us
reminding us igniting taking actions
we are never the embers for the poorest
ever alone of a long fire the neediest
even when filling life rewarding us
we are alone with warmth with even more
feeling lonesome joy and light overflowing love



 por Francisco X. Alarcón


que el amor que el amor que el amor
nos sorprenda venga a nosotros nos mueva a amar
sin previo aviso como dulce aire a otros asíu
veloz como oliendo como nos amamos
estrella fugaz el cabello sedoso a nosotros mismos
en la oscuridad de nuestro amor y a los que nos aman
recordándonos encendiendo tomando acciones
que nunca jamás las brasas de por los más pobres
estamos solos su viejo fulgor los más necesitados
aun cuando llenándonos concediéndonos
estamos solos la vida con luz aún más amor
sintiéndonos solos calor y alegría sobrecogedor

© Francisco X. Alarcón

5 de febrero de 2012


28. love says
by Tara Evonne Trudell
how do I say
when I feel
is kind
and wonderful
heavy and alone

a cold breath
escaping heat
creating steam

a whisper
across distances
traveling by breezes
creating weather

a feeling
of touch remembering
palms pressed
warm skin rubbing

a sensation
deep and swirling
flowing over heart
ache energy

how do I feel
when I say
love is
the heavy kind
of wonderful

tara evonne trudell c/s february 4, 2012


 29. Four Letters

by Raul Sanchez

Love like strawberries cut in half,

Fragrant as lavender fields

Warm as the sun rays

Subtle like ocean breeze

Comforting like a woolen blanket

Soft as silk

Thunderous as summer storms

Tender as baby breath

Passionate as a bull in the ring

Hot as spicy food

Sweet as maple syrup

Love are the words in the air

Not the chocolates in the box

or a Hallmark card

but in our eyes, our breath

our touch.


 30. A Thousand Kisses Deep

 by Kaitlin Meadows

The day we ate umber pears

Soaked in ruby port

And the cold game hen

With a delicate salad

Of nuts and cheese

On our honeymoon

In Ireland,

We flaunted the world’s calamities

And trusted that our own tragedies

Were, finally, in remission.

Me, an old brown almond husk,

Weathered and ruddy shelled,

Hiding cream inside.

You, a speckled lark,

Darting under

Cobbled Galway bridges

Where we stole kisses,

Like laughing school children.

Our love was

A shedding of skins,

A wriggling out of cocoons.

Our longing was

An opening of casks

Where a heady wine brewed.

Together we learned to feast,


Hungry and imprudent,

Our appetites unbridled,

Holding nothing back

For later,

Saving not a penny

Of our good fortune

For a rainy day.

Each day was a celebration

Of mysterious junctures,

Random intersects,

The quicksilver swale of

Moon light

Left in the wake

Of our life raft

As it pulled into

The safe harbor

Of our dreams.

Our marriage is a miracle of

Simple daily acts illuminated

By shared glints and flashes,

Like fire light

Refracted in the chambered

Amber eye

Of the old barn owl

Who lives in the wrecked barn

Where sun splashes through

The broken roof

Onto a sweet maw

Of old hay

Where we curl together

Murmuring forever,

“I love you,

I love you,”

Sweet and true,

Every day we have left,

A thousand kisses deep.


 31. Love

by Luis Alberto Urrea

Love the awkward.

Love the marginalized.

Love the lonely.

Love the ugly.

Love the forgotten.

Love the wounded.

Love the weary.

Sing for the silenced,

for our journey takes us all

to the same dawning.

Let’s not go alone.


32. Poem 23 ~  Ojalá

by Odilia Galván Rodríguez



unbearable the heat

el calor insoportable



odiar [el] calor

then wish it in winter

desearlo en el invierno

my soul


mi corazón

our heart-soul, trenzadós

como raíces profundas


burst forth

from the bubble

buscando la verdad

de tantos sueños mañosos ~



healed the lies, from

veiled eyes of a lifetime

finalmente se ve la luz

we See


33. Poem 24 ~ Belonging to nine

by Odilia Galván Rodríguez

your heart

fell in love ~~ with ~~

my heart, you are not mine

you belong to nine … saturn … moons …



34. Flower Sun

By Nancy Aidé González

The sun rises


rays of light






Round celestial

ball of fire



dissipative light





banishing darkness.

We are flowers

with long tangled roots

burrowed deep into the

lush dark

fertile soil.

Our white petals

burst from




fragile beauty

self awareness,



our spirits



under the


Our flowering

souls transforming

through love




harmony .

We are flowers

our faces



our petaled arms


our green


stems erect,

supple veined


out stretched,

our hearts


filled with


hopes and


finding redemption

in ancient

ways ,

creating new




new sun,




35. Your Love

by Nancy Aidé González

Your love can

be found

in the dinners

you prepare for

me each night.

Each spice


with care,

each vegetable

chopped precisely,

each ingredient


chosen to

enhance flavor,

each sauce simmered

and coaxed into perfection,

every meat marinated in affection.

I taste your love

in each fork full

of dinner


it fills





by Francisco X. Alarcón

all love IS love

and deserves all rights

under starry nights


todo amor ES amor

y merece todo derecho

en noches de fulgor

© Francisco X. Alarcón

in celebration of the 9th Circuit ruling

Proposition 8 unconstitutional

San Francisco, CA, February 7, 2012



by Betty Sanchez

Si estuviéramos solos…

Desnudos de convencionalismos

Musitaría en tu oído

Mis callados antojos

Pronunciando palabras

Locas  y apasionadas

Que te hicieran vibrar

Y trazaría en tu espalda

Con labios impacientes

Tu nombre

Entrelazado al mío.

Si estuviéramos solos…

Libres de perjuicios sociales

Como ave migratoria

De norte a sur

Recorrería tu cuerpo

Con ardientes caricias

Hasta completar

Mi osada travesía.

Si estuviéramos solos…

Despojados de toda hipocresía

De manera discreta

Te llevaría a mi alcoba

Y en sábanas de raso

Te enseñaría con presta diligencia

A conjugar el verbo amar

En la primera persona del singular

Y a disfrutar del placer

Que conlleva

Hacerlo sin temores

Sin recato

Sin límite o reservas

Un amor sin final.

Betty Sánchez

7 de Febrero del 2012.